How to Find Business Ideas

A Practical Guide

What Works Best For You?


I’ve no idea where to start 🆕

Start here: 🗒️Give Me Actions I Can Do Instantly. Do the first few challenges and read the linked methods.

I’m unsure if I have the money/skills 💸

For the vast majority of the idea-finding and validation methods in this guide, you need $0. Further, you don’t need dedicated skills: You are good to go if you can communicate with people and use the Internet.

Some tools require some knowledge, but the guide explains it if they do.

Is the Guide For a Side Hustle or a 1 Million Dollar Business?

Both start with an idea. Hence, you can use the guide for both.

What’s Excluded?

We are talking here about actual business ideas. If you are looking for drop shipping, affiliate marketing, … this guide is not for you.