Ahoy, I'm Fabian

I love travelling, software development & hiking.
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Current Projects

  • FabiTours Tags: Next.jsPWAMapbox
    The interactive map shows the most beautiful places in Hamburg, Germany.
  • WunderDesk Tags: SaaS
    The easiest way to build your help center with Notion.
  • Green Walking: Walk & Hike Map Tags: AndroidAppFlutter
    The map shows all kinds of trails for walking and hiking.
  • Restore Leveling After G28 Tags: OctoPrintPlugin3DPrinting
    Automatically keeps bed leveling on after G28 (Auto Home).
  • Life Clock App Tags: AndroidAppFlutter
    A clock to visualize your life to encourage making the most out of it.
  • EpiDoc Parser Tags: PythonLibrary
    Python parser for EpiDoc (epigraphic documents in TEI XML).