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The easiest way to build your help center with Notion

WunderDesk is a service designed to help you establish a comprehensive help center for your customers. With WunderDesk, you have the flexibility to leverage Notion for crafting your articles, and WunderDesk seamlessly transforms this content into a user-friendly help center. This streamlined process empowers you to provide valuable information and support to your customers through an organized and accessible platform.

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Green Walking: Walk & Hike Map (Android App)

The map shows all kinds of trails for walking and hiking.

Discover your surrounding with this detailed map. Use it to app to find trails for walking, hiking or running.

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Restore Leveling After G28 (OctoPrint Plugin)

Automatically keeps bed leveling on after G28 (Auto Home).

Marlin code G28 disables bed leveling. The plugin restores the prior state:

Before the G28 command a M420 V is send to check if leveling is enabled or not. If leveling was enabled: After the G28 command a M420 S1 is send to enable leveling.

That same behaviour can be enabled in the Marlin firmware via RESTORE_LEVELING_AFTER_G28.

OctoPrint plugin page

Life Clock App

A clock to visualize your life to encourage making the most out of it.

The app shows you a counter and a graphical box view for your life. You can for example see for how many days you are already alive or how many years are ahead.

Having your lifetime as an app might help you to really make use of your time! Question yourself how you want to spend this time. In the end, it comes down to a matter of priority between all kinds of activities.

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Hamburg stairs map

A map to visualize the stairs in Hamburg, Germany

The map shows all stairs (available in the Overpass API) in Hamburg, Germany.

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EpiDoc Parser (Python library)

Python parser for EpiDoc (epigraphic documents in TEI XML).

The Python library can parse EpiDoc (epigraphic documents in TEI XML).

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