The YouTube search is an excellent way to find ideas. You might wonder: YouTube? Isn’t IconGoogle Search the place to be? YouTube is a popular search engine, too. You can find a tutorial for everything on the platform.

Use the autocomplete of the search to see where people are struggling. Check which tutorials are popular. Can you use these struggles to offer a service or info product?

Top Search Prompts

Go to and enter into the search bar:

  • how to
  • tutorial or tutorial for
Hint: If you have expertise in a specific topic, combine the prompts with that topic. What do people search for?
YouTube search results for
YouTube search results for how to: Offer a drawing course, a service that purchases an article from a website and wraps it as a gift, …?
YouTube search results for
YouTube search results for tutorial for: Offer a drawing course, sell a gamified app for learning guitar, …?

IconGoogle Trends can be used to see search trends. It’s not limited to the Google Search and can be used for YouTube, too. Read the linked page for further details. Here is how you can change the filter:

In IconGoogle Trends, you can switch the filter from Web Search to YouTube Search.

📝 Challenge “What People Search”

Use the queries of search engines such as IconGoogle Search or IconYouTube to find two business ideas:
  1. _______________________________________________
  2. _______________________________________________

Helpful articles: IconGoogle Search, IconYouTube, 🔍Check What People Do Search

What’s Next?

Check out further methods: 📚Teach Me The Top Methods

Last updated: June 10, 2024·Published in Business Ideas