Talk to People

You can simply ask your best friend what you should do as a business. In general, you might spot problems when talking to people.

Ask People (Active)

  • Ask a friend or relative for a business idea. Ask them what they think about what kind of business you should start.
  • Alternatively, you can also ask on social media, e.g. your Facebook.
  • Ask a person you know who owns a business or has money: What has been on their TODO list for over a week?

Be Aware (Passive)

Listen closely if you talk to people like your friends and family:

  • What do people ask you about? (”Can you help me with,” “I have a question,”…)
  • Notice when they talk about a problem they have or had.

📝 Challenge “Ask Your Friends”

Write a direct message to 2 close friends or family members and ask for a business idea:
  1. _______________________________________________
  2. _______________________________________________

Helpful articles: 👪Talk to People

Help: Script

Hey [name], I’m currently brainstorming business ideas. What do you think would be a good business for me to start?

What’s Next?

Check out further methods: 📚Teach Me The Top Methods

Last updated: June 10, 2024·Published in Business Ideas